Welcome to the 2018 Civic Innovation Change Lab Cohort!

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Civic Innovation Change Lab is a once-in-a-degree immersive experiential learning program. Undergraduate students from a variety of academic disciplines – including Political Science, Health Science, Business, International Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, and Resource and Environmental Management – come together to form interdisciplinary teams. Together, they investigate social, economic, and environmental challenges within the city of Vancouver, build a sustainable business model to creatively respond to it, and pitch their ideas to community influencers – all in just 13 weeks.

Co-hosted by RADIUS SFU, CityStudio, Semester in Dialogue, and the Beedie School of Business, Civic Innovation Change Lab is the newest addition to the Change Lab portfolio. Civic Innovation refers to a method that improves the lives of citizens, the functions of cities, the practice of citizenship, or the state of community affairs. This course weaves together advanced knowledge in Civic Issues, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, with the core practices of Dialogue, Design Thinking, and Business Model Development to allow students to become capable of producing impactful social innovations in cities.  Instructors Tara Mahoney and Jeremy Stone will leverage their strong academic and professional backgrounds in civic issues to host this Change Lab cohort. They’ll be joined by many mentors and partners from across Vancouver. Change Lab programs are generously supported by Scott Shaw.

Without further ado, meet the first ever Civic Innovation Change Lab cohort! We are so excited to work with these emerging changemakers.

Eliane Bowden

Passionate about sustainable living and bringing people together, Eliane is most in her element when collaborating with other students or engaging with just about anyone. She is completing her fourth year at Simon Fraser University in Business Administration and is looking forward to expanding her studies to tackle civic challenges in Change Lab this spring. She is most excited to work with the cohort to bring forward new ideas to improve Vancouver’s communities.

Jordan Arnold

Jordan is a 4th year Political Science and International Studies student focusing on international law and human rights. He enjoys spending his free time volunteering as a peer educator and mentor to incoming first year and transfer university students. He is most excited to work with students from a variety of educational backgrounds to see how they can create new and innovative ways to address social problems together.

Alica Felgendreher

Alica is a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. She is particularly interested in the production of inequality, gender relations, poverty, welfare, and public policy. Having witnessed first-hand how social inequality and stigmatization prohibits marginalized individuals from accessing basic healthcare and social services within their community, she feels strongly about challenging the individualization of social problems. Alica is excited to collaborate with students from different disciplines who share her interest in improving the lives of vulnerable community members. She also looks forward to learning practical skills and strategies to create impactful change in her community.

Abby Ferris

Abby moved to Vancouver from Northern British Columbia five years ago to pursue nothing in particular. With time and good fortune, she collected experiences and connected with people that inspired and propelled her forward. Abby is passionate and empathetic about the people and world around her. With a keen interest in the subtle but meaningful interactions between people and environment, she hopes to pursue a career in which she can simultaneously promote human wellness and environmental justice in urban centres through design thinking.  Abby is sincerely excited for the opportunity Civic Innovation Change Lab presents: to collaborate and engage with people who share an interest in the world around them.

Sarah McBain

Sarah is committed to sustainability by promoting social equity and business that strives to meet the triple bottom line. Currently, Sarah is a BBA candidate at the Beedie School of Business, studying Sustainable Business and Psychology. Sarah plans to attend graduate school, where she will continue to focus on policy development
 and promotion of cost effective environmental initiatives. 
Having travelled extensively and studied at Lund University in Sweden, she approaches her career and her personal life from a global perspective. Sarah is eager to work in collaboration with committed, diverse, and hard working students who share the same goal of promoting social health and civic innovation.

Melissa Nelson

Melissa is a fourth year student pursuing her undergraduate degree in Communication with an extended minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies.  She is currently working as the Communications Assistant at the Women’s Health Research Institute and enjoys learning new ways to harness the power of social media for change.  Melissa is excited to work with such a diverse group of students, and looks forward to discussing the future of AI!

Jessica Mayne

Jessica is in her third year of studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at SFU. She has interests in marketing, entrepreneurship, and supporting local businesses. Jessica is excited to combine her interests in business and community connection for Civic Innovation Change Lab! She hopes to diversify her skill set by learning from the several disciplines of her peers. Outside of SFU, Jessica is passionate about her work as a youth ministry coordinator at her church. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys skiing, salsa dancing and baking.

Tawanda Masawi

Tawanda is a member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Company of Young Professionals. He is a versatile global citizen who has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East. He has a passion for emerging trends and technology. Tawanda is currently working towards gaining competency in the application of Blockchain technology to inter-organizational data management for financial firms and supply chain management. He is excited about Civic Innovation lab, as he hopes to bring people and technology together to support and design the next generation of city services.

Maya Schofield

Maya Schofield is beginning her third year of undergraduate studies at SFU. Maya believes that positive innovation is the culmination of a community of effort. For this reason, she is most looking forward to meeting and working with people who have diverse skill sets and forward-thinking attitudes towards tackling social problems in Vancouver. Maya is also excited to learn which issues are most concerning for the communities in which we will be working, and the approaches people within the
community believe should be applied in addressing these.

Sarah Smith

Originally from Victoria, BC,  Sarah Smith is a fourth year student at SFU. Completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and a Legal Studies Certificate, she is looking forward to being challenged in a new focus that is different from her usual field of study. Following her graduation in April 2018, she will be pursuing further education in either a Juris Doctor program or graduate program in Policy Analysis. Her extra-curricular passions include sports and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. In Civic Innovation Change Lab, she is most excited to build connections with team members of diverse backgrounds while working towards a common goal.

Adam Rossi

Adam is a fourth year Communication student with a particular interest in social freedoms and sustainable development through information technology. He believes that in our age of connectivity, all voices should be heard. A passion for responsible development drove Adam to participate in Civic Innovation Change Lab, where he is excited to be part of a creative environment that is engaging in social entrepreneurship. As a student getting ready to transition to the business world, he hopes to learn how to grow his ideas into vehicles for social change.

Nura Safaie

Nura is a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University studying Political Science with a focus on human rights and policy analysis. Outside of school, Nura is a member of the Surrey Youth Council and is currently working on various projects aiming to better the community and environment. Nura believes that the Civic Innovation Change Lab will allow her to gain more knowledge and hands on experience in community level initiatives. She is excited to meet new people and to begin working towards creative and sustainable solutions to real world problems.

Jocelyn Singh

Jocelyn is in her fourth year at SFU studying Resource and Environmental Management. Sustainable city development is a topic that she would like to focus her degree on, so she is eager to explore topics such as, social housing, community health, and green infrastructure through Civic Innovation Change Lab. She believes that this program will give her the exposure and hands on experience she needs to better understand the complexity of urban landscapes.

Kaiqi Yang

Kaiqi is an exchange student at SFU from Sciences Po in France. She has lived and studied in China, France, and Canada, and she loves to travel. Kaiqi is passionate about communicating with intelligent and inspiring minds from all over the world. She has great interests in political science and law. She is also an enthusiastic learner of languages and photography. She wishes to work as a lawyer in Public International Law in the future and contribute to the international community. She looks forward to meeting and working with the Civic Innovation Change Lab students while contributing to the community.

Queenie Tran

Queenie is your local East Van gal studying Public Health and Gerontology. She has a repository of working in the service sector in which she elevated mundane moments and turned them more than mediocre memories. In her leisure time, she enjoys practicing yoga, running senselessly on the streets, and discovering the affluent food scene in Vancouver. Queenie looks forward to exploring urban economic resilience in the city and how to foster further community engagement.

Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong is a Communication major and an International Studies minor with a keen interest in civic engagement, urban planning, and public space activation. Outside of the classroom, Rachel is also a radio host, writer, foodie, and a musician. She is excited for the hands-on experience that the Civic Innovation Change Lab will bring, as well as learning about how the future of work will impact our cities and urban spaces.

Saba Yassemi

Saba moved to Canada in 2011. After graduating from SFU with a
Bachelor of Sciences degree, she continued her co-op placement as
a Special Education Assistant (SEA) working with children with
special needs. As a long-term goal, she is considering a career in
coaching, with the intention of improving the quality of employment
in organizations who are challenged by business management issues.
She is excited to practice and acquire leadership skills through the
Civic Innovation Change Lab experience and meet mentors and team
members who will accompany her through this journey.

Refresh Project Awarded Social Innovation Seed Funding

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The SFU Student Social Innovation Seed Fund is a joint initiative of Embark Sustainability and RADIUS that supports radical change endeavours with social and environmental impact at their core. The Fund allocates sums ranging from $200-$1,500 to SFU undergraduate and graduate student social innovators. Our next application cycle closes Jan. 18th, 2018. Apply now!

“A few years ago, my family took a cruise to Alaska. The whole experience was amazing for me: the views of the glaciers were amazing, the people were so friendly, and I made great use of the on board buffet. What deeply saddened me, though, was the amount of food waste I saw happening on that ship. I would see people would throw away whole plates of food just to go back for more a few hours later. Chefs would throw away perfectly good produce because it was easier to buy new food than to store it. The amount of food waste astonished me, especially when I realized that this is not an outlier situation, but rather a norm in our society.”   -Scott Quon, External Manager, Refresh

While other countries like France force supermarkets to partner with charities to stop edible food from being wasted, Canada still leaves much to be desired when it comes to food wastage. We waste over $31 billion of food per year while having no strong policies to help reduce this quantity.

Refresh is a student-run program that aims to lower that number, fruit by fruit, as well as change a culture that has grown to accept food waste as the norm. We take excess food products that grocery stores believe is unsellable because it’s bruised or misshapen, and we upcycle them into delicious snacks including jams and dried fruits, therefore diverting these unwanted fruits from the landfill. We are also able to reach a broad audience with our #tastenotwaste social media campaign to bring awareness to the problem of food waste, with our posts being viewed by over 1,000 different people.  

Thanks to funding from SI Seed Fund, we were able to purchase the equipment needed to make our products as well as getting our products tested to make sure our jam is safe and enjoyable for everyone to consume.

Over the next year we are enthusiastic to:

  1. Increase the number of jam jars we sell and to keep reducing the amount of food that goes to waste;
  2. Reach even more people with our social media campaign to bring awareness to food waste in our community; and,
  3. Introduce new and delicious products such as smoothies and fruit chips.

Cheers to Refresh for a jam-packed first year! We look forward to seeing their next steps.

Connect with Refresh online:

Announcing the Fall 2017 Slingshot Accelerator Cohort

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After an extensive recruitment process we are thrilled to announce the ventures forming the 2017 Slingshot Accelerator cohort.

Dunya Media, The Good Stuff, Nomad Nutrition, OpthalightRicher Health and Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo are six health-based ventures that, upon successful completion of the six-month Slingshot program and its investment readiness criteria, will receive an investment of $25,000 as part of the program.

The ventures—which range in scope from nutritious convenient meals and on-the-go shakes, to health education and communication in communities, to new diagnostic technology—were chosen for their focus on helping people live healthy lives, marking the launch of RADIUS Ventures’ two-year focus on health promotion.

The intense Slingshot Accelerator program develops ventures’ investment and market readiness, providing business and innovation acumen along with access to a strong network of mentors and peers. It also helps ventures develop financial, legal, and marketing and communication strategies. The cohort will also benefit from an expanded pool of services providers, technology interns, and other experts.

The Slingshot Accelerator Investment Pool will act as a new source of pre-seed capital for these entrepreneurs, helping to kick-start their fundraising efforts while complementing the program’s capacity-building and network-development offerings.

These five ventures are lead by incredible teams, with inspiring products and services to help people live healthy lives. We couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

RADIUS warmly thanks all of the ventures who applied for the 2017 cohort; we look forward to staying in touch with you.

Share this announcement to join us in welcoming the 2017 Slingshot Cohort to RADIUS!

Welcome the Health Change Lab 2017 Cohort!

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Health Change Lab is a once-in-a-degree immersive experiential learning course. Undergraduate students from a variety of academic disciplines – including Interactive Arts and Technology, Health Sciences, International Studies, Kinesiology, Behavioural Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Business – come together to form interdisciplinary teams. Together, they investigate a local social problem, build a business model to creatively respond to it, and pitch their ideas to community influencers – all in just 13 weeks.

Hosted by RADIUS SFU, the Beedie School of Business, and SFU Health Sciences, Health Change Lab students collaborate with program partners such as Fraser Health and the City of Surrey on issues that are pertinent to Surrey. Students learn about social entrepreneurship, systems thinking, determinants of health, personal development, and effective team dynamics (to name just a few topics covered). Experienced instructors Shawn Smith (BUS), Tamara Connell (BUS), and Paola Ardiles (HSCI) leverage their networks to bring in mentors and partners who specialize in chronic disease prevention, food security, active transportation, design thinking, prototyping, storytelling and presentation skills. Health Change Lab is one in a series of Change Lab courses, including Change Lab Ecuador and an upcoming Civic Innovation Change Lab in Spring 2018. Change Lab programs are generously supported by Scott Shaw.

Without further ado, meet the Fall 2017 Health Change Lab Cohort! We are so excited to work with these emerging changemakers.

Demetra Barbacuta

Demetra is a fourth-year student obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences, an intended minor in Legal Studies, and a certificate in Health Ethics. She loves helping others, which has driven her to pursue a career in healthcare. She hopes to work within health policy, coming up with innovative health solutions to pressing challenges. Demetra is excited to learn about social entrepreneurship and how the power of new ideas can tackle current health issues; she believes that the young minds of today contain so many ideas that can create a social impact. In her downtime, Demetra likes to hike, tap dance, and occasionally binge-watch a good show on Netflix.

Benta Cheng

An avid enthusiast of ideas, people, and sunny days, Benta is looking forward to unearthing thoughtful and enriching conversations with her Health Change Lab peers this fall. She is currently pursuing a BSc in Health Sciences with a concentration in Population and Quantitative health. Benta’s academic interests lie within (but are certainly not limited to) the global burden of HIV/AIDS on youth, and GIS and its application in epidemiology and access to health services.

TK Chisvo

TK is a business student with a passion for social entrepreneurship. He enjoys collaborating with students with diverse experiences to tackle problems that are evident in today’s world. TK looks forward to bettering his understanding of the issues affecting the health sector in British Columbia and furthering his knowledge on social entrepreneurship. He also looks forward to working with students and faculty to create innovative and sustainable solutions that will be efficient and effective.

Nazanin Boroumandzad

Nazanin Boroumandzad is a 2nd Bachelor Degree student at the school of Interactive Art and Technology at SFU. As a computer engineer with a passion for design, she is enthusiastic to learn about and work within intersecting fields such as health care and business during Change Lab. Nazanin is excited to explore and ideate creative solutions to promote community health in the city of Surrey with her peers.

Dion Chong

Dion is a fourth-year International Conflict & Security major with a Development & Sustainability minor. He’s had the opportunity to work in the healthcare sector and in health promotion across Canada, as well as in youth livelihood promotion in Francophone West Africa. With a passion for challenging social inequality, particularly for minority and marginalized populations, Dion is looking forward to the exchange of ideas and perspectives with the diverse group of students in this fall’s Health Change Lab cohort.

Katie Fajber

Katie is a fourth year Health Sciences student with a particular interest in social justice within public health. She was introduced to the idea of business as a way to intervene in health issues after interning at a small social enterprise in Kolkata, India that used a business model to support survivors of human trafficking. Katie is excited to work closely with a diverse group of students and professionals to build healthier communities.

Katrina Jang

Katrina is a fourth-year Health Science major and hopeful Kinesiology minor who loves to explore the intricacies of health and environment. After several years studying health sciences, including a year working abroad in the township of Mangun, her interests have gravitated towards: immersing herself in different cultures and perspectives; improving health accessibility in marginalized communities; and deciphering how diseases spread. She is excited to take away a business lens from Change Lab that she can apply to everyday life and health, as well as work with her peers and within the community.

Cody de Leijer

Cody is currently the President of Enactus SFU: a student-run non-profit organization that sees local challenges as opportunities to innovate and implement creative solutions. He has a passion for environmental and social sustainability throughout business. Cody is most excited to learn about the challenges facing our local community, collaborating with his peers on potential solutions, and implementing that those solutions to create a positive impact in the community.

Helen Huynh

Helen is a Business and Interactive Arts & Technology student with a concentration in Media Arts. Her involvement with the 2016 Oxford Global Challenge (now renamed ‘Map the Systems Challenge’) paired with her interest in mental health and public health persuaded her to apply to Health Change Lab with hopes of learning more about health care barriers in the community.  She is excited about the new learning environment that the program will provide and hopes to work with her peers to build tangible interventions that could serve the city of Surrey.

Kirsten Hinlopen

Kirsten is a Business Administration student, and is also completing a minor in Biomedical Physiology. She is most excited to learn about how she can combine her two interests in response to community health challenges and is also very excited to be working with like-minded individuals the Health Change Lab. Normally, people find her hanging out in her favourite room of any home – the kitchen! Kirsten loves spending time with her family and friends, preferably surrounded by some delicious food and fresh air.

Jesika Kula

Jesika Kula is a second-year SIAT student who volunteers her time serving as the Creative Director of the MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society: a non-profit organization that provides free fitness to the community. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys travelling, hiking and working part-time as a lifeguard. Jesika is looking forward to participating in this years SFU Health Change Lab cohort, as she’s interested in learning hands-on approaches to addressing health issues within the city of Surrey.

Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam is entering her 4th year in the Faculty of Health Sciences in September. As the President of UNICEF SFU and Project Pulse Vancouver, she has a passion for humanitarian efforts that foster education among young people. In her free time, Stephanie likes to get involved with medical research and staying active. Stephanie is most excited to learn about the different ways business and entrepreneurship could be used to create positive change within health care.

Sophia Knowles

A creative, driven, and people-oriented individual, Sophia is most in her groove when collaborating with others who also intend to build healthier and more environmentally sustainable communities. Four years into her degree in Health Sciences, Sophia’s studies have been complemented by recent project development and management in clinical and academic research, outdoor, and classroom settings. Sophia looks forward to developing practical strategies in Health Change Lab that work towards one of her guiding beliefs: that the most effective and meaningful change is led by those directly affected. When Sophia is recharging, you’ll most likely find her holed up with her sewing machine or running one of her favourite mountainside trails.

Zeen Liu

Zeen has been an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University since 2012. He is studying Kinesiology as his major. Throughout his degree, he has been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals in a variety of settings, including: rehabilitation, occupational support, performance, and general population. He currently works for the SFU Recreation Centre as a weight room supervisor and personal trainer. Zeen is looking forward to taking his kinesiology knowledge into to Health Change Lab to further his ambition of improving the physical and mental health of individuals on a community level.

Emma McFarlane

Emma is entering her fifth-year of undergraduate studies at SFU. Beginning her post-secondary education at Western University, she has woven her way through various areas of study, creating a unique collection of interests and skills. Now a declared Health Science and Business Administration student, Emma is excited to work with the diverse backgrounds of other students and their communities to explore social change in Health Change Lab. She hopes to one day play an influential role in developing public health projects and sees this opportunity as an incredible starting point. Born and raised on Vancouver’s North Shore, Emma loves to enjoy all her beautiful backyard has to offer and works hard to take any opportunity possible to see more of the world.

Josh McGee

Josh is a UX (User Experience) designer who has a passion for human-centered design: a process that starts with a specific group of people and ends with new solutions that are tailored to suit their needs. Josh enjoys discovering pain points through research, empathy, and countless different approaches and frameworks. He looks forward to Health Change Lab being multi-disciplinary. With this, he will get to see how students from different academic backgrounds tackle similar problems. He believes this will push him to develop new skill sets that he can later apply to future projects.

Henry Tran

Henry is in his fourth-year at SFU studying towards a major in Behavioural Neuroscience and a minor in English. This summer, he is doing an Undergraduate Student Research Award with Dr. Chris Kennedy from the Biology department. Outside of school, he works with the BC Cancer Agency and Royal Columbian Hospital supporting two projects: one for the Hereditary Cancer Program, and another for the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Quality Improvement Project. Aside from all of that hustle and bustle, Henry is looking forward to learning about social entrepreneurship – and hopefully, be able to develop and implement a project with his peers that could create social change in the city of Surrey.

Wendy Zhang

Wendy is a fourth-year student at SFU studying Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She is interested in biotechnology and pharmacy, and she hopes to bring a technical laboratory perspective to Health Change Lab. She is excited to learn about ways that students with interdisciplinary ideas and perspectives can come together to address challenging, systemic problems in the community.

Monique Sekhon

Monique Sekhon is pursuing her undergraduate studies in Population & Quantitative Health Sciences at SFU. Throughout her degree so far, Monique has gained many skills and has had the opportunity to conduct research and other work in interdisciplinary teams. Monique hopes to bring to her ideas, her experience in social enterprise, and her recognition of intersectional socioeconomic factors to the Health Change Lab. She is keen to work alongside current and future leaders in the health care field!

Nathan Lam

Nathan Lam is a fourth-year student at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts & Technology finishing his degree in design. He has worked in the industry as a User Experience Designer and understands the importance of looking beyond solely technological design to address real human needs and problems. He is passionate and driven by the interdisciplinary path he has taken, and he aspires to be a mentor to others inside and outside of his industry. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge, his unique perspectives, and his expertise with his peers in Health Change Lab this fall.

Nancy Nguyen

Nancy is a fifth-year Health Science student interested in health policy, community engagement, and working with marginalized communities to improve health and well-being. She is most excited to work collaboratively with other students and stakeholders to implement ideas that could address real-world challenges in the Surrey community.

We’ll laugh, cry and cheer with these FAILURE WAKE speakers!

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FAILURE WAKE – RADIUS’ celebration of audacious entrepreneurial attempts gone wrong – is back for its fourth year! Brave entrepreneurs will once again take to the stage to share stories of valour and calamity, chutzpah and disappointment, lessons learned and ventures lost. Mistakes and failures will be aired in an Irish wake style celebration. We’ll laugh; we’ll cry; we’ll dust ourselves off and try again.

In anticipation of this exciting event, we’re delighted to introduce our four brave speakers and ultra-charismatic MC.


In 2012 Rick Havlak (top left) launched Vancouver’s only urban homesteading store. He envisioned a brick-and-mortar space where people of all backgrounds could come together to learn how things are made, think more deeply about consumption, and buy supplies for cheese-making, beekeeping, pickling, soap making, growing veggies, and more. First as Homesteader’s Emporium and then as Homestead Junction, Rick and his team hung out their shingle for nearly five years before closing the physical store in February of 2017. In the wake of this, Rick and his remaining staff are evaluating whether the brand has legs for educational events and e-commerce.

Len Laycock (top middle), serial entrepreneur, award winning marketing executive, sustainable business consultant and green product designer will share stories and learning from Upholstery Arts’ Black Swan Event – its impact on his newest green venture, and aligning business practices with positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Emily Lycopolus (top right) is the owner of Olive the Senses, a luxury olive oil and vinegar tasting room and shop in Victoria, BC, Canada that offers the finest fresh premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all over the world. She is also the founder of This Table Collective (, an online food community that sources artisanal food products, shares recipes and artisan stories, and supports food-focused charities. Emily lives in Victoria with her husband, Steve, and their pug, Cedrik. She can most often be found at local markets, in her kitchen creating and testing new recipes, or mingling in her store with her loyal customers.

Allanah Mooney (bottom left) has over twenty years’ experience in storytelling,strategy, and social change, including ten years in the NHL with the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. She owns Lionheart Productions Inc. Lionheart works on large issues based film campaigns. Lionheart specializes in multiplatform, short-form content. Allanah produced a multi-film health and safety campaign for Teck Resources. Teck recently had their safest year on record and has reduced injuries by 50% since the campaign started. Allanah’s background includes international film campaigns in China and India. Her work has been translated into seven languages. Allanah is currently based in Calgary, AB and works as a consultant for Anstice Communications. She is also developing a documentary mental health series “Making a Comeback” designed to destigmatize mental health and promote innovate treatments.

Mike Rowlands (MC)
President & CEO at Junxion Strategy. Director at Hollyhock, and Social Venture Network. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RADIUS. Philosopher. Advisor. Official Failure Wake limerick writer.


Tickets to FAILURE WAKE typically sell out, so get yours fast! Your ticket includes entrance, a free drink, appies, and a chance to meet and mingle with an impressive community of social entrepreneurs. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Click here to purchase your ticket at the price point that best suits you.

Nov 6th Developmental Evaluation Workshop in Vancouver!

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Is your organization interested in developmental evaluation? Are you considering building developmental evaluation into your next project?

If so, you may be interested in attending an upcoming Introduction to Innoweave Developmental Evaluation workshop, delivered by  Innoweave in partnership with RADIUS on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 in Vancouver.

This workshop is designed to help leadership teams of  2-4 (including board members) start to:

  • Further explore the purpose and major characteristics of developmental evaluation

  • Assess the suitability of their intervention and the readiness of their organization to using developmental evaluation

  • Develop a preliminary scope of work for their developmental evaluation initiative.

  • Identify possible next steps for developing a budget and implementing developmental evaluation.

  • Develop a plan for success

The Innoweave Developmental Evaluation workshop builds on the Innoweave Introduction to Developmental Evaluation webinar. You are encouraged to view this webinar online prior to submitting your application to the workshop.

Event details:

  • When: Thursday, November 6th, 2014, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • Where: Vancouver, BC

  • Cost: $150 for teams of 2-4 (payment details will be forwarded upon acceptance to the workshop).

  • Deadline: Applications are due by Friday, October 17th, 2014. Space is limited. Successful applicants will be notified by Tuesday, October 24th, 2014.

To learn more and apply for this workshop, please clickhere. Only one application form per team is required.

Participating organizations will also be eligible to apply for a small implementation grant in January 2015 to engage a coach to help them with development following the workshop. To learn more about Innoweave Implementation Grants, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The RADIUS and Innoweave Teams

SFU carpool venture launches pilot with Vancity

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Real-time carpooling app go2gether, a client of Simon Fraser University’s social innovation venture incubator RADIUS, has secured an eight-month pilot contract with Vancity credit union.

go2gether is a social enterprise that utilizes a web application to provide an automated carpool matching service, saving users money and reducing climate impact.

Through the agreement, Vancity employees will use go2gether to create carpools to work, meetings, training events, and other travel.

By utilizing go2gether’s carpooling service, Vancity employees will also engage with each other while traveling, increasing social connection among the organization’s 2,500 employees.

“Not only is Vancity go2gether’s first enterprise client, but its values and corporate mission are very much aligned with our own,” said SFU Beedie School of Business alumna Alice Park, CEO and co-founder of go2gether.

“We are pleased to support Vancity’s efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions through employee commuting.”

Park co-founded go2gether as a student at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. After graduating she participated in the SFU Venture Connection entrepreneurship incubator before joining the first RADIUS cohort in November 2013.

In February 2014 go2gether announced that SFU had signed an agreement making it the venture’s first institutional client.

“Through this pilot scheme with Vancity we plan to learn more about the key factors that will make this new relationship an unconditional success,” said Park.

“Through those lessons, we intend to expand to serve more businesses across the lower mainland.”

Launched in spring 2013, RADIUS (RADical Ideas, Useful to Society) is an innovation lab and venture incubator at SFU’s Beedie School of Business.

It seeks to change business education and launch high-impact solutions to social challenges.

“Vancity is a company that has consistently recognized excellence and innovation in purpose-based business,” said Donovan Woollard, Director of RADIUS Ventures.

“Partnering with go2gether is another example of Vancity’s commitment to social business.”


Watch RADIUS Director Shawn Smith’s TEDx Talk

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Back in March, RADIUS Director Shawn Smith spoke in front of a TEDx audience in Stanley Park.  His theme was social innovation, and his message can be summed up in one eloquent statement from the speech: “Our future prosperity depends on the quality of our collective imaginations.”

RADIUS is working to bolster this collective imagination here in Vancouver. We don’t want to settle for worn out ideas that pander to the status quo, instead we ask ourselves (and you) to dream bigger.

Click on the video above to watch the full TEDx Talk.

SFU Social Venture Accelerator Pitch Night

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After seven weeks of intensive work and coaching, last night six teams of young entrepreneurs stood in front of a packed event hall to make their final pitches. After careful deliberation the distinguished panel of judges selected three teams to win grants to carry the ideas forward through the next phase of research and testing. Congratulations to the winners!

First place and a $3,000 start up grant was won by EnableLife, a team consisting of Xinyan Chen, Ovidiu Durbalau, Aamir Sheriff, Samuel Chan & Farhan Patel. Their vision is to create an online community for people with disabilities to share tips and tricks for easier living.

The competition was so strong that two teams tied for second place, each winning a $1,500 start up grant. Daycarepedia is working to create an online resource to help parents easily find, select and rate daycares in their neighbourhood. This team consists of Lynn Shinto, Mark O’Connor and Kelvin Chen. Mark Wijaya, Timofey Zhirenkin & Bo Lin started ReFilamer and won second place for their efforts to develop an affordable modular desktop recycling device that recycles your 3D printed waste into reusable, high quality filaments.

Other venture ideas ranged from a running app by Trekr to a personal accelerator for high school students by Edulocity and a women empowerment program by The Possible Studio. Huge congratulations to these teams for all their hard work in completing the program.

A big shout out to the RADIUS team, SFU Beedie, the panel of judges & mentors and to Vancity for their financial contribution. The Social Venture Accelerator would not have been a huge success without all of your support!

Canadian Responsible Investment Conference Tickets (free!)

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Interested in the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference being held in Vancouver June 17-19? Are you a student or recent grad that can’t afford to go? Please see the announcement below from our friends at – note submissions are due on the 3rd!


Special opportunity to get free tickets for the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference 2013 is pleased to announce that there are free tickets available for university students and recent graduates for the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference 2013 taking place from June 17-19, 2013 in Vancouver!

See the exciting conference agenda at

We have a limited number of tickets available for the winners of a writing competition.

How to win a free ticket

Simply write a short passage explaining what responsible investing means for Canada’s social and economic prosperity, and how you hope to get involved. Please submit your response no later than Monday, June 3 to

The best responses, to be adjudged by a panel, will win a pass to the full conference (travel and lodging not included) and be invited to sit at a special table with SRI professionals at the conference gala dinner on Tuesday, June 18. Please see guidelines below!


  • Deadline: Monday, June 3 at 5:00 PM EDT
  • Length: 250 – 500 words
  • Submission must be in document format (.doc or .docx), with the font Times New Roman and 12pt font size.


Please respond to the following question:

What does responsible investment mean for Canada’s social and environmental prosperity? How do you hope to get involved?

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality and clarity of writing
  • Your level of understanding and knowledge regarding responsible investment
  • Relevance of the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference 2013 to your professional development (How will attending the conference support your career aspirations?)

These tickets are being provided in order to engage the next generation of talent in responsible investing.

Supplementary Information

In the email that you send, please indicate the following:

  • Name
  • University
  • Program
  • Expected year of graduation (may be 2013, if you graduated this year)
  • Any relevant extracurricular activities (no more than three lines)

 Note: Selected submissions may be posted on as part of the coverage of the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference 2013. By making a submission, you consent to allowing to post your submission.

Ideas @ Beedie

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Check out the latest edition of Ideas @ Beedie – the Research and Industry Impact magazine from the Beedie School of Business. This issue features stories on David Dunne and the Active Design approach he brings to RADIUS, and RADIUS Venture Fusion Kitchen co-founder Chantelle Buffie!

PDF link here – Ideas @ Beedie

Let us know what you think – @RADIUS_SFU