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October 2017

WE’RE HIRING: RADIUS General Manager

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Are you an operations wizard with serious project management chops and a desire to build and implement gorgeous systems for an organization doing good work in the world? 

We’re looking for a highly skilled and organized leader to join our team as the RADIUS General Manager!

View the full posting here see competition #645, with separate links to application instructions and full job description

Interested parties, apply by 4:30 pm PST on November 6, 2017.

Group Coaching in the RADIUS Fellowship

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By Tamara Connell & Urszula Lipsztajn

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We could all use a coach – someone to work alongside us, as we pursue professional growth. For a social innovator this can be even more important; the weight of trying to improve social, environmental and/or economic conditions can be heavy and exhausting.

Since the RADIUS Fellowship launched, the most promising local social innovators and changemakers have worked in four-month cohorts to build relationships with their peers, develop personally and professionally, and tap into the broader social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Coaching has been a part of the RADIUS Fellowship since the beginning. In 2017, we made available to the Fellows the most robust coaching offer yet. We began with Fellows individually identifying and describing personal development areas: what they wanted to work on; how this topic or challenge was currently affecting their lives; and what they would like to experience as different. With the support of their coach, Fellows co-created a coaching program individually tailored to their current and potential future ways of being in relation to their area of development. Once every three weeks, groups met to discuss progress and challenges related their specific coaching ‘assignment’ as was provided by the coach. Each Fellow not only got to receive coaching and feedback from their peers, but also become a critically important contributor to helping provide feedback, insights, and coaching questions to their peers.

Coaching is an optional – albeit very popular – component of the Fellowship. Of the 80% of Fellows who participated in the 2017 coaching offer, most found it to be very valuable. Several Fellows indicated that the coaching was among the most impactful components of the Fellowship program.

The group coaching is unique, and like most things at RADIUS, a bit unorthodox. We were nervous launching this new model, but it was a resounding success. Most participants reported that the group format helped them to build strong bonds with their group-mates, something that wouldn’t have happened with one-on-one coaching.

[The coaching offer] was greatly impactful for myself and was a wonderful, structured space to get to know some of our fellow peers. ” – 2017 Fellow

It was very valuable in building deeper relationships to other members in the cohort, and in deepening my understanding of potential challenges in reaching certain goals. I was offered many different exercises and ideas to further work on my goal, and am looking forward to working on this. ” – 2017 Fellow

The 2018 Fellowship, which is currently accepting applications, will include a robust group coaching offer much the same as what was prototyped in 2017, iterating slightly to capture learnings and hopefully be even more successful.

We’re thankful to all the 2017 RADIUS Fellows who joined us with open hearts and minds during the coaching program and shared their input during and afterwards.

We’re looking forward to offering coaching again in the 2018 RADIUS Fellowship.

Become a RADIUS Fellow – APPLY NOW!

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The RADIUS Fellowship is Metro Vancouver’s preeminent professional development opportunity for top emerging social innovators from across the region. During the intensive 4-month experience Fellows build relationships with their peers, develop personally and professionally, and tap into the broader social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Applications for the 2018 Fellowship are open until November 4.
The cohort meets weekly from February 6 to May 29, 2018.

What do Fellows say?

 I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone many times, but from that learned in ways I never would before. – 2017 Fellow

 The RADIUS Fellowship changed my life. It came to me at a time when I was stuck both personally and professionally… I feel ready, and set with the right tools to grow personally and begin a meaningful career. I no longer feel stuck.  – 2016 Fellow

 I felt the connection I developed within the Fellowship program firmly reintroduced me to a professional network here in Vancouver.  – 2015 Fellow

 I looked forward to working out of the co-working space, which was always buzzing with awesome changemakers.  – 2017 Fellow

The RADIUS Fellowship Program Details

Fellowship weekly sessions consist of a mix of facilitated learning experiences, dialogues with guests, and social activities. Sample topics of focus include social innovation, design thinking, personal leadership and engaging stakeholders in your work. Fellowship perks include access to a professional coach, membership at the RADIUS co-working space, and access to the broader RADIUS network through events, meet-ups and personal introductions.

Learn more about the specifics of the program, and apply here.

Are you a RADIUS Fellow?

Fellows are doers, explorers, innovators and changemakers. They are local leaders invested in Metro Vancouver communities. They have relentless dedication and an early track record building solutions in support of a more just, resilient and sustainable future. They are early in their professional careers, dedicated to learning and growing, and passionate about contributing to a strong community of social innovators.

Apply now!


Get in touch! Shoot an email over to the Fellowship Program Manager, Tamara Connell if you have questions about the experience and whether it’s right for you – tconnell[at]

Health Change Lab Retreat: Moving from Individual Interests to Interdisciplinary Collaborations

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Applications are NOW OPEN for Health Change Lab, co-hosted by RADIUS, SFU Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Beedie School of Business,

By Health Change Lab alumna Stephanie Lam

It has hardly been one month since the Fall 2017 semester has started, and being enrolled in Health Change Lab has already inspired professional, academic, and personal development for my classmates and I. Initially, I felt anxious about my ability to be in an interdisciplinary and self-directed program. Nevertheless, I approached the term with excitement and hope to see what the semester would contribute to my learning journey. When the Health Change Lab cohort attended our first team retreat at Camp Alexandra, my nerves were immediately eased.

Following an early morning drive to White Rock, I arrived feeling calmed by the serene environment of Crescent Beach. From the start, it was clear that the retreat was designed to provide opportunities for peers to bond through a series of activities and workshops while providing a safe space to learn about ourselves.

At the beginning of the retreat, we all gathered around a fire pit. Upon the request of our instructors, each student brought an object that represents our motivation behind why we are interested in social change and community health. One by one, we presented our objects and dug deep to share the emotional and inspirational stories behind our current goals and future ambitions. As we sat around in a circle, it was amazing to see where all of my fellow classmates came from. As an interdisciplinary group of 21 individuals with varying backgrounds, it was amazing to see and feel that we were all connected as students who aspire to create positive change for the people around us.

Alongside sharing our personal objects and motivations, another challenging but illuminating activity was called the Super Social Vision Portal, which took place on Crescent Beach itself. As we walked along the sandy beach and took in vast views of the sea, we engaged in an activity that helped us practice deep listening, idea flow, and envisioning of our futures. Our instructor asked us to situate ourselves one year from now, as if we could time travel to September 2018. We spoke to 3 different partners about how and what we wanted our year to look like. The only catch was that we had to talk to each partner for 5 minutes, and they weren’t allowed to say or acknowledge anything that we said. Not only was it difficult for a group of young students to speak for 5 minutes straight about their futures, but talking to someone who couldn’t respond to us or offer feedback was interesting to say the least. This activity allowed me to fully engage and listen to my partner’s words. I couldn’t interrupt, share my thoughts, or lead the discussion towards a different trajectory. Instead, I discovered how important it is  to let people be in flow with their thoughts and ideas to engage in genuine and authentic conversations. The activity taught me a valuable lesson in improving my listening skills with my colleagues, friends, and family.

I look forward to the upcoming months, where I will collaborate with my fellow student changemakers to explore and propose interventions to improve community health within the City of Surrey!