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August 2016

Two Student Groups Receive Seed Funding to End 2015-2016 Cycle

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The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. Applications are now closed but will open again for the 2016-2017 school year! Stay posted for our next fund availability announcement in the fall.

The Social Innovation Seed Fund Committee awarded funding to two exciting new student initiatives at the end of the 2015-2016 cycle, closing out our seed funding allocation for this school year on a high note. We are pleased to showcase these forthcoming projects – CityHive and Socks for Change!

The project teams write:

CityHive is an emerging youth-led, Vancouver-based organization empowering youth to influence, shape, and co-create their cities. Our three pillars are advocacy, education, and empowerment. We will advocate for the inclusion of youth in planning decisions in cities, organizations and institutions. We will educate and empower youth in getting involved in civic issues. We envision a Vancouver where youth are fully engaged in the planning, design and creation of their cities. CityHive will be the go-to-convener for youth on urban issues in the city.

Tesicca and Veronika are the dynamic duo behind CityHive. Read More

Changemakers Are All Around Us

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Hello! Remember us? Yes, we’re the guys who interviewed some amazing local changemakers around the Vancouver area to inspire others to do good in their field of work.

Well, how did it go?

We could not be happier with how it went! In the course of a week, we were able to film 6 interviews with some of Vancouver’s amazing changemakers. I could not of imagined how incredible our interviewees’ stories would be. Ajay Puri, our amazing host, did a great job creating an open and engaging space for the interviewees to talk about what they do, why they do that work, and how their work impacts their communities. And yes, there was chai. We shared masala chai homemade by Ajay himself, and it was delicious. The interviews lasted about an hour and a half, and we will be cutting them down to around 10 minutes.

Who are these changemakers?

As I mentioned in our last blog, we started off by interviewing Ashok Puri, an elderly South Asian man who travels all across the world staying with locals rather than in hotels. His story of overcoming fear and realizing the best way to experience countries is with the locals was a beautiful start to our journey. He left us with a great message that retirement is not the end but the start of a new chapter. Read More

Kuelii Smart Design: What We’re Doing

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The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. Below, we get an update from Kuelii Smart Fan, a project team funded earlier this year. See their first and second posts to catch up on their story!

Image 2.1

My old office summer setup — a trusty but loud Holmes fan.

I used to place fans by my window to achieve a cooling effect after especially hot days. It was a stopgap solution for only the hottest nights because it was so disruptively loud, inefficient, and had a tenancy to over cool. I then looked around the market for a solution that not only worked but looked unobtrusive while doing so. Around now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, Jay what you’re making sounds a lot like a product already on the market: the window fan.” If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re largely correct!

Innovating an age old solution

We’re making an Internet of Things solution that innovates on the age old window fan, bringing it into the 21st century (no, it’s not super exciting like a shiny new device, but we think you’ll love it just as much.) Our solution uses two high power computer fans that are optimized to move air. We thought since computer fans are excellent at quietly moving air through crowded and messy spaces, why not use it to cool a room?

Image 2.2

Let’s stick a computer fan onto a window!!!


Image 2.3

Of course, this is what people will say if we just used computer fans.

Not only does our fan need to work, it also needs to look great. We’re working hard on making an enclosure that is unlike the loud plastic solutions currently out there. Read More