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May 2016

Filling in the gaps: a concAUCTION of entrepreneurs, citizens, nerds, designers, + educators

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Laura Cuthbert is one of the 22 RADIUS Fellows in Radical Doing in our second cohort. Here she reports back from last week’s concAUCTION: Ask. Source. Connect. All photos by Fellow Jackie Dives.

Growing up, my Dad was an auctioneer: a deal making, cash in hand, all-business, fast talking auctioneer. Deal making, because he’d trade fixtures when someone couldn’t afford what they needed. Cash in hand, but no guarantee of how much. All-business, because anyone was welcome. And fast talking, because he was afraid to miss out on anything. It’s genetic.

Five months ago, when I had first applied for the RADIUS Fellowship in Radical Doing, I was most concerned about competition. I wondered about meeting 21 other changemakers—young and ambitious. But those fears subsided.

Every Fellow is doing something I’m proud of; everyone is worth being proud of. Where I thought RADIUS was going to build up my professional connections, it’s instead done more: built those connections into friends. concAUCTION was the best of our team: unique, funny, and insightful requests. All pitched to an engaged and diverse audience.


Before starting this post, I googled the meaning of “concoction,” half because I just kept picturing witches brewing a potion, and half because I wanted the exact definition: “a mixture of various ingredients or elements.” So, although my witches brewing idea definitely applies, so too do the RADIUS fellows—in all of the experience we meld together. The emcees, Tamara and Ajay, there to stir the pot, reduce, and simmer. And us, all there to add the eyes of various newts, wings of bats, and other witchy stuff. Metaphors have never really been my thing.

We had one minute to pitch our projects and needs. concAUCTION created space for us all to “Ask. Source. Connect.” So what could people really ask for in one minute? Read More

June 6th: BlastOff with RADIUS Ventures! A Slingshot celebration + Startup City: Impact Kickoff

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Since December, the hard-working ventures in Slingshot 3, RADIUS Ventures’ flagship 6-month accelerator, have learned, tested, grown, challenged, and laughed with (and at) each other.

Supported by Vancity and the Business Development Bank of Canada, the Ventures program finds and amplifies top emerging social ventures and helps them to become investment ready and growth ready.

As this 3rd Slingshot cohort wraps up, you’re invited to a community celebration – part demo-day, part social innovation mixer, part kick-off to Startup City: Impact!

Come on out if you:

  • want to learn about and celebrate these 7 food and beverage social impact ventures
  • want to connect with social entrepreneurs who are in the thick of things – share experiences, lessons learned, and helpful connections
  • want to help us say thank you to the presenters, mentors, and supporters who have contributed to this Slingshot cohort
  • are interested in the Slingshot program and want to find out more
  • like spending time with a lot of fun, passionate innovators!

Who are the Slingshot 3 Ventures? Read More

Alert Bay incubator program strengthens local entrepreneurial community

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Back in March, we were delighted to announce our first Alert Bay cohort, part of our delivery of the new First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program and in partnership with Reconciliation Canada. Now, we’re happy to report that Alert Bay has added ten entrepreneurs to its network!

Over eight weeks, a RADIUS team of Donovan Woollard and Denise Williams worked with ten entrepreneurs to test, refine, and validate their business ideas. From defining value to working through market potential and financial model options, the program invited participants to discover the potential of their ventures and themselves as innovators. Participants – drawn from the Namgis Nation and the broader community – reflected on the experience as one that built skills, accelerated ideas and most importantly, created a network that will support and encourage each participant into the future of building ventures on Cormorant Island.

The O-Glass: Changing Eye Care Diagnostics

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“I see a great potential for this product. The future is telemedicine and this device is right on track”
— Dr. Lama Al-Aswad, Glaucoma Specialist, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, CUMC, New York

The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. The next funding deadline is May 17th – apply here! Below, we get an update from Ophthalight Digital Solutions, a project team funded earlier this year.

Entrepreneurs want to change the world. They are passionate about their ideas and want to share them with everyone. However, making a sustainable solution to address health-related issues takes more than passion. It requires rigorous research and analysis before a product can be presented as a viable solution. RADIUS and Embark’s Social Innovation Seed Fund has provided us with the opportunity to not only develop our technology, but also validate its social effects through product testing and interviews with experienced eye care practitioners and researchers.

Our team, Ophthalight Digital Solutions, built an O-Glass prototype, which automates some of the common eye tests and performs them with high accuracy and speed. The current device is capable of automatically performing the Swinging Flashlight Test, which is conducted by all optometrists and ophthalmologists. This simple test determines if there are any damages to the optic nerve that can result from various diseases such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, and brain tumors. Read More

Seed Funding Awarded to Four SFU Student Social Innovator Groups

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The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. The next funding deadline is May 17th – apply here!

We are proud to announce four outstanding students groups – Ophthalight Digital Solutions, Kuelii Smart Fan, Urban Nestwork, and Masala Chai Mondays –  have been selected to receive funding through the Social Innovation Seed Fund in the 2015-16 cycle. 

The project teams write:

Ophthalight Digital Solutions is designing and testing the O-Glass, a proprietary technology that enables eye-care professionals to assess patients for the presence of optic neuropathy in very early stages. It is a smart-glass technology that leverages wireless communication to perform automated eye tests, store, analyze and share the results, easier and faster. Read More